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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: Social Serv Case Manager
Job Code: 14203
Last Update: 12/1/2005
Salary Plan: SWD
Pay Grade: 013
Salary Minimum: $29,399.50/yr
Market Midpoint: $40,402.62/yr
Salary Maximum: $51,405.73/yr
Additional Job Statistics...
Company: 427

Job Responsibilities and Performance Standards:

1 Performs initial investigation of protective services referrals to determine the appropriateness of protective services intervention. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Correctly determines risk to individual by gathering information via telephone, written reports, collateral contacts, and face-to-face contact with clients and community in accordance with established procedures.
   ** Appropriately responds to critical situations within prescribed time frames.
   ** Correctly evaluates individual's living environment through home visits and interviews.
   ** Accurately determines need for immediate and/or on-going protective services. Makes appropriate recommendations based on results of assessment and correctly confirms or rules out complaint based on established guidelines and policies.
   ** Provides appropriate information and referrals when protective services needs are not indicated.

2 Works within the legal system in selected cases to ensure safety of individual and to achieve desired outcomes. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Accepts individual into protective services custody from law enforcement representatives following local protocol.
   ** Appropriately continues investigation with input from supervisor to determine whether risk can be managed without further court involvement.
   ** Prepares and files court petitions according to legal codes. Prepares for and attends court hearings within allotted time frames.
   ** Testifies in court hearings as required, recommending extension, transfer, or return of custody and parental rights as appropriate.
   ** Adheres to court orders by formulating a social services plan, supervising family's rehabilitation progress, and reporting back to the court on any significant changes in case activity.
   ** Prepares and submits detailed documents and forms required to complete the authorized legal processing of interstate compact placement of children, out-of-town inquiries, termination of parental rights, and case panel reviews.
   ** Monitors guardianship of adult clients.

3 Identifies placement resources for children within the foster care system. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Maintains up-to-date system indicating foster parent vacancies according to established procedures.
   ** Reviews behavioral, medical, and educational needs of each child referred for placement at specified intervals and at other times when needed. Identifies appropriate foster home or other placement resource.
   ** Conducts regularly scheduled staffings with emergency shelter staff and child welfare staff to identify potential placement resources for children in emergency placements.
   ** Appropriately identifies alternative placement resources for time limited placements of foster children, such as respite care, vacations, or illness of foster parents or break periods from residential facilities.
   ** Actively recruits placement resources, promoting public awareness through speaking engagements, distribution of printed materials, and other appropriate methods.
   ** Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for emergency placements needed by protective services staff.

4 Supervises children in out-of-home placements and in-home interventions. Assists the parents or placement providers in meeting the needs of these children, where permanency planning is the goal. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Develops case plans which effectively utilize community resources including medical, dental, health department, educational, mental health, and therapeutic providers to meet the needs of individual children.
   ** Assists placement resources in fulfilling the case plan by coordinating service in accordance with established procedure.
   ** Maintains regular contact with child(ren) in the placement resource at specified intervals and when appropriate.
   ** Assesses the child's needs continuously to ensure needs are being met. Regularly monitors families' progress in meeting established goals and apprises court through case panel reviews of progress at established intervals.
   ** Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to assist placement resource in the event of an emergency concerning the child.
   ** Correctly determines most appropriate placement for child(ren), including locating and evaluating any absent parent or relatives.
   ** Establishes appropriate goals (in writing) for teenaged children to prepare them to live independently, and effectively utilizes the Independent Living Program and other community resources to meet these goals.
   ** Assures the children in DFCS custody and in foster care placements are referred to eligibility screening for federal and state placement benefits.
   ** Coordinates and monitors visits among all affected parties in accordance with established legal and safety guidelines.

5 Manages the adoptive and foster placement process. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Prepares adoptive and foster family assessments using appropriate information-gathering methods such as interviews and home visits.
   ** Reviews placement resource studies and choses the most appropriate prospective adoptive parent(s). Presents information about the child to the selected parent(s).
   ** Arranges, conducts, and documents staffing conference on the adoptive placement in accordance with established guidelines.
   ** Counsels the adoptive child using accepted therapeutic processes and tools to deal with issues of separation, loss, trust, risk-taking, adjustment, and related issues.
   ** Serves as trainer or co-trainer for Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (MAPP) sessions using approved curriculum. Counsels/guides prospective adoptive parent(s) on adjustment issues, expectations, and plans.
   ** Supervises preliminary visits prior to placement to assess potential adjustment of family and child. Monitors visitation of foster children with birth parents and other relatives in accordance with court orders and established guidelines.
   ** Arranges, conducts, and documents the official placement meeting.
   ** Correctly determines eligibility for Adoption Assistance payments.
   ** Makes appropriate alternative placement and counsels child and parents as needed in the event of an adoption disruption.

6 Prepares adoption studies on children available for adoption. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Gathers information for the social history from case records, foster parents, birth families, mental health providers, therapists and other community resources and completes appropriate forms.
   ** Gathers all pertinent medical information from such sources as doctors, hospitals, health departments and birth parents and completes appropriate forms.
   ** Compiles information into an adoption study formatted in accordance with state-mandated order.
   ** Submits completed adoption study with picture for MY TURN NOW to state office within established time frames.
   ** Updates information every six months and forwards to the state exchange. Completes and submits all required narration to resource county.
   ** Reads all placement resource studies submitted and chooses most appropriate. Completes forms on resources not chosen and forwards to state exchange.
   ** Effectively presents child study to prospective adoptive parents. Supervises pre-placement visits to assess adjustments of child and family; documents findings.

7 Prepares home and/or custody evaluation as requested by other counties, states, or as ordered by the courts. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Conducts face-to-face interviews to obtain information including financial, health, home environment, and life experiences of involved parties, using accepted information-gathering techniques.
   ** Obtains and contacts references and utilizes criminal background checks, following established procedures.
   ** Completes evaluation in specified format and drafts correspondence to requesting agency and/or court.

8 For confirmed cases of adult abuse/neglect, obtains client's permission to provide services, crisis intervention, case planning and ongoing services. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Provides appropriate crisis intervention services for immediate needs and assesses continuing needs.
   ** Develops a case plan based on client needs and available resources.
   ** Assists the client to locate services. Coordinates and monitors provision of services. Arranges out-of-home care when necessary.
   ** Re-evaluates case plan at specified intervals based on results of client contact and monitoring of service provision.
   ** Assists with budgeting and money management. Serves as a representative payee, when necessary.

9 Initiates and pursues the legal process for guardianship when client is incapacitated or incompetent. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Consults with agency attorney regarding client's status and needed action, as appropriate.
   ** Organizes the filing of the petition in probate court according to required procedures and time frames.
   ** Collects evidence, interviews witnesses, and prepares the concerned persons for the hearing.
   ** Prepares for and testifies at court hearings.
   ** Monitors guardianship.
   ** Acts as liaison with probate court on guardianship issues. Files and maintains necessary reports with DFCS state office and probate court.

10 Maintains required documentation and completes reports. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Maintains confidentiality of client records.
   ** Completes all forms and documentation in accordance with county, state and federal policies.
   ** Writes concise, accurate, and organized reports and correspondence according to established protocols.
   ** Maintains case files accurately and in proper order.
   ** Maintains a tickler file to assure timely implementation of recommendations.
   ** Completes periodic reports and logs, as required..
   ** Maintains accurate personal records, ie. travel, leave, work time, phone log, etc.

11 Maintains knowledge of current policies, laws, trends, and developments in the field by reading appropriate policy notices /interpretations, and attending training sessions, meetings, and conferences. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Attends unit, agency, and state meetings as required to maintain knowledge of adult protective services programs. Attends supervisory conferences as scheduled.
   ** Reads, interprets, and applies information disseminated from policy directives.
   ** Maintains current child protective services and computer system manuals.
   ** Reads and evaluates professional literature as appropriate.

12 Performs administrative or interim supervisory duties at the direction of or in the absence of the supervisor. (Performed by some incumbents)
   ** Delegates/assigns work to other workers.
   ** Approves leave for other workers.
   ** Provides consultation on cases.
   ** Reads case records for peer review and quality assurance purposes.
   ** Provides on-the-job training to staff.

Entry Qualifications:

One year of experience as a Social Services Case Management Associate OR Completion of a Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) OR Completion of a Master's degree in any of the behavioral sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, child development, family studies, etc.... EXCLUDING, Social Work, Counseling, Education in Counseling, and Gerontology) NOTE: Applicants possessing a Master's degree in one of the excluded areas are minimally qualified for the Social Services Specialist job (# 14204) at PG 14. OR Completion of a Bachelor's degree in any of the behavioral sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, child development, family studies, gerontology, criminal justice, etc.) plus either 1) a Division of Family and Children Services internship involving a caseload or 2) at least 1 year experience in social services in another social services agency (e.g., psycho-education, special education, Department of Juvenile Justice, Probation) which involved direct client contact or 3) at least one year of law enforcement experience in an area related to DFCS such as family/domestic violence, investigations or interventions involving children or substance abuse.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preference may be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, possess one or more of the following:

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