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State of Georgia Job Description

Job Title: Probation Compact Admin
Job Code: 17538
Last Update: 10/1/2000
Salary Plan: SWD
Pay Grade: 013
Salary Minimum: $29,399.50/yr
Market Midpoint: $40,402.62/yr
Salary Maximum: $51,405.73/yr
Additional Job Statistics...
Company: 467

Job Responsibilities and Performance Standards:

1 Establishes Interstate Compact guidelines in conjunction with other states and serves as Interstate Compact liaison between Georgia and other states. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Personally approves and coordinates the transfer of supervision of high profile sex offender cases with Georgia probation offices or receiving states.
   ** Assists representatives associated with the criminal justice system, such as police officers, attorneys, prosecutors, and others by coordinating information sharing about probationers with field probation offices and prisons.
   ** Responds appropriately to all emergency situations including violations, and maintains communications between arresting agencies and officers.
   ** Assists the judiciary, prosecutors and law enforcement by arranging for extradition of probationers in violation of court orders.
   ** Interacts with administrators, managers and specialized staff to facilitate the development, enhancement and implementation of effective services within the Compact agreement as it applies to all states.

2 Provides information about Interstate Compact to various agencies. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Demonstrates adequate knowledge of the laws, policies and procedures of the Interstate Compact Manual.
   ** Updates Probation Division and other related agencies concerning any changes in Compact Rules and Regulations.
   ** Serves as representative for Probation by attending training sessions for Compact Administrators.
   ** Reviews and interprets minutes of publications for Community Corrections from sources of the Compact manual.

3 Provides supervisory authority and responsibility over operation of the Interstate Compact Unit. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Establishes work schedules in order to provide appropriate telephone and staff coverage
   ** Appropriately sets priorities by emphasizing work activities such as transfers over general correspondence.
   ** Evaluates and receives feedback on work activities to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
   ** Provides training to new staff and effectively communicates and/or additions to policies and procedures to all staff.
   ** Defines goals and communicates regularly with Interstate Compact Unit staff on progress and required performance results.
   ** Completes performance evaluations on staff.
   ** Recommends and records leave.

4 Manages and coordinates the transfer of supervision of Parole/Probation cases. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Advises field offices of parole/probation expiration and state of supervision.
   ** Properly researches parole/probation problems using Offender Tracking Information System (O.T.I.S.) in order to obtain information such as persons on parole/probation, release dates, length of probation, etc.
   ** Properly reviews incoming transfers to insure all required paperwork and forms are in order.
   ** Performs administrative and general program monitoring by evaluating the progress and conduct of probationers under compact supervision.

5 Assists in implementation, management and future development of the Interstate Compact database. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Attends meetings with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff in order to make suggestions and advise of problems.
   ** Contacts OIT when problems arise.
   ** Assures staff is properly trained in the Interstate Compact computer program.

6 Develops new standard operating procedures (S.O.P.'s) and enhances existing policies directly related to Interstate Compact administration in cooperation with the Probation Division Executive Management Team. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Reviews policies and interprets ambiguous areas for clarity and consistency.
   ** Provides clarification of policies to Probation Division staff as needed.
   ** Drafts changes to policies resulting from legislation and/or management directives. Forwards to the Probation Division Executive Management Team for final approval.
   ** Consults with judges, attorneys, prosecutors and law enforcement about Interstate Compact issues and procedures in accordance with established guidelines.

7 Collects Interstate Compact statistics and prepares statistical reports. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Collects and maintains appropriate statistics on all Compact transfer cases.
   ** Prepares accurate and timely statistical reports at prescribed intervals.
   ** Prepares accurate and timely statistical reports for the Department using prescribed format.

8 Serves as the Interstate Compact training officer. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Develops and presents Interstate Compact training to all candidates at Basic Probation Officer Training (BPOT).
   ** Provides training on the operation of the Interstate Compact to departmental and court staff using accepted teaching methods.
   ** Prepares and distributes complete and clear training materials.
   ** Presents detailed training on Interstate Compact policies and procedures as necessary.
   ** Provides informal instruction to court staff on a daily basis.

9 Serves as the Georgia Probation Division delegate to the Probation and Parole Compact Administrators Association in accordance with state law. (Performed by all incumbents)
   ** Participates actively in workshops and annual meetings and assists in formulating rules and regulations to more effectively carry out the work of Interstate Compact.
   ** Serves as officer, executive board member, committee chairperson or member at large as required.
   ** Coordinates meetings and workshops in an effective manner.

Entry Qualifications:

Completion of a four-year degree in criminal justice or a behavioral science, business or public administration, management, or a directly related field. OR Completion of a four-year degree and has two years of experience in a community-based corrections setting.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Four years of experience as a Probation Officer with the Georgia Department of Corrections, two years of which must have been at a supervisory level.

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